Rhed Rholl, Nashville Record Shop Burglarized

To whom it may concern; You left you brick in my shop and I would like to return it to your teeth as soon as possible.

As some of you may have heard, our shop on Porter Rd. was broken into Saturday night. All of our electric guitars and basses were stolen. We are still going through the mess to see what else is missing and what records have been damaged. Our alarm company notified Nashville police, and we have already filled out a report with them as well as our insurance company. Our insurance is covering as much as our policy allows, for which we are grateful, but it will not bring us back to where we were before the coward launched a brick through our window. And the likelihood of finding our guitars at a pawnshop and recovering it — well.

The shop will be closed for at least a week or two while we go through everything, clean up the mess, and rebuild. The label end of things will continue to operate as scheduled, and our upcoming releases will not be delayed.

If you have ever hesitated to pick up something from our online store, now is a great time as our weekly operating costs aren’t going to go away. Even if its just a two dollar button and sticker pack, anything would help. Additionally, we have added a ‘Rhed Rholl Care Package’ to our bigcartel which depending on your generosity will include a range of things like buttons, stickers, records, zines, artwork, + more. All will be at random and based on what you are willing to toss our way as we attempt to put the shop back together financially. These packages will be shipped when all of this is sorted out and things calm down over here.

Sarah and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and concerned calls/texts over the last 48 hours. We’d also like to thank our amazing customers over the last few months who have come in and picked up some records, hung out, talked music, and loved up on our shop dog. You’re a BIG reason why we aren’t just packing it up and quitting.

Things like this happen I guess, but one bad egg isn’t going to ruin it for everybody. We are proud of what we have built, and what you have helped us become. Rhed Rholl will be back.

- Thomas, Rhed Rholl Recordings